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Another tip with eye contact requires some social intelligence, but as a rule you should not be the one to break eye contact with someone most of the time. Eyes have been described as the windows to the soul, so that may make them the best way to communicate with another person.

Slow relaxed movements and calmness in general are something women have commented on in particular as something they find attractive about me. This behavior is a good example of focusing on not doing something, rather than creating a new set of behaviors.

An important habit to eliminate when striving for being relaxed is fidgeting. This can include tapping your feet, playing with keys a pen or anything else and not moving your limbs, head and eyes too quickly. The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language is an excellent change of pace.

You will quickly realize that what we say to a woman is far less important that how she perceives us through our body language. The laws you learn from this book will not only benefit your romantic life, but will also greatly enhance all of your interactions. All you have to do is present a quality to her. If she agrees with it, she only has to shake her head yes to qualify herself.

As I said before, this method is a little bit more advanced, but it works wonders. Most guys make the mistake of starting in the phase of rapport. Rapport has four sub-stages: light rapport, wide rapport, deep rapport, and release. Light rapport is the stage in which you're searching for potential emotional connections. This is where most people live in their everyday lives. The following conversation is an example of light rapport that never progresses to wide rapport: www. How are you?

But conversations like that do not build attraction in women. The useful aspect of light rapport is that asking questions www. You can then use that knowledge to figure out how to connect with them on a deeper level. The ultimate goal of communication is to build rapport, which can be defined as a direct emotional transfer from one person to another. In order to effectively transfer emotion, you must move on to the second stage: wide rapport. Wide rapport is the stage in which you find potential emotional connection points with someone.

As soon as a woman answers a question, you have found one. The woman will then start listing off the things she did. Every single one is a potential deep rapport topic, so pay attention! During release, you must stop talking about the rapport topic you discovered and forget about the connection you just made. After deep rapport, you bounce back to either light rapport or wide rapport and begin the process again because every time you repeat this pattern, you build a stronger bond. The stronger the bond is, the stronger the love is that you create. Forming a strong connection during this phase will keep her from avoiding your phone calls, moving on to the next guy, or cheating.

Seduction is nothing more than an overload of your emotional brain and a deficit or a weakness in your logical brain. When your emotional brain is in control, you make emotional decisions. When your logical brain is in control, you make logical decisions and www. You also find it much harder to feel an emotional response.

At work, then, it is desirable for your logical brain to be heightened and the influence of your emotional B Some form of sexual attraction is added to that formula. The red zone trigger is a response in your logical brain that stops you from making purely emotionally-based decisions. Your goal is not to find a way to get around the red zone; your goal is to find a way to keep the red zone from happening.

The more emotional trust you build, i. A presentation of your level of power, your relationship balance is the idea that four major factors intertwine level of compliance, your level of value to form a comfortable, sustainable outside the relationship, and your level of equilibrium in our relationships. Those four components are: power neediness within the relationship. Power, quite simply, is leadership within the relationship. If you want to make most of the decisions that have to do with your relationship, you are the one who has most of the power. Compliance is where your priorities are.

Value is your worth, or how much people need you outside of your relationship. An important thing to keep in mind about the four different aspects of a relationship is that compliance is usually an www. At the same time, you might notice that her neediness suddenly increases or decreases. Additionally, if you do something positive such as make a good decision for the couple, you might see compliance increase or decrease. She may start to do more things for you. She may start to do fewer things for you. This is where communication comes in.

In a relationship, communication is the presentation of your level of power, your level of compliance, your level of value outside the relationship, and your level of neediness What is the most important phase? Even very good relationships will fall apart if that occurs. I know I said before that you should use it as a reference whenever you find www. The honest answer happens to be simplest: the most important phase is the phase that you're in. You should be having fun and being playful, and avoiding anything serious or controversial.

In the phase of seduction, you are a man.

10 "ALPHA" Body Language Tricks EVERY Guy Should Use!

You must shed all your boy-like playfulness and replace it with a new sense of sexual playfulness. With practice, you will learn to become the appropriate parts of your personality in the corresponding stages. When you start to confuse this, you create incongruence between what you're doing, and how you're acting and what you're saying.

You should always assume that everyone already has an idea about who you are in their heads. Knowing how to navigate because several specific topics will be these situations correctly is why discussed. Notice when she is trying to impress you. During light rapport, the first stage of the phase of rapport, having inquisitive content in your conversation is a positive sign. You're asking each other to open up at this point. You'll know that you're in wide rapport because several specific topics will be discussed. Physical responses are the best indicators of deep rapport.

During this stage, a woman will lean towards you and maintain solid eye contact. A signal that this has happened successfully is that one of the two of you will sit back. She might also all-to- frequent trips to the bathroom. A woman will be very responsive to sensual conversation during seduction as well.

Any conversation topics that have to do with feeling something physically — touching something, seeing something, smelling something, hearing something, tasting something — will produce a strong response. The way you know that you're in the relationship balance phase is that a woman will stop administering congruence tests, or will administer them less frequently. You will have proven that your confidence is not faked and you will have built substantial deep rapport with her, so they are no longer necessary.

She will have accepted you completely. So there you have it! The complete system. Give yourself a pat on the back for making it this far.

The remainder of this book is dedicated to helping you use this system to control attraction, rapport, seduction and relationship balance. If a man has a strong and well-developed approach mechanism, he is considered confident, and will approach women immediately and attract a greater number of them. Instead, they have something known as a filtering mechanism. So what happens if a man has a poor approach mechanism?

A man with a poor approach mechanism is considered weaker or more submissive than men with stronger approach mechanisms. If a woman has a weak filtering mechanism, she will find that she attracts the same kind of bad relationship over and over and over again. The difference between these two mechanisms explains why men are considered more valuable amongst their peers if they sleep with lots of women, and women are considered less valuable amongst their peers if they sleep with lots of men.

Not sleeping with lot of women means that a man has a poor approach mechanism; it means that he is unable to attract women or approach women properly. Failure in these regards will affect a man both socially and romantically. For a women, though, sleeping with lots of men means that she has a bad filtering mechanism. This is also likely to affect her both socially and romantically. Each of these weaknesses leads to disaster. If you have a www. The condition of having a weak approach mechanism, as I mentioned earlier, is called approach anxiety.

Symptoms of approach anxiety include extreme nervousness, a The condition of having a weak approach complete lack of concentration, and an emotional overload. To compensate, your emotional brain will start to mimic your logical brain to make you feel balanced and in control of www. The reason your body reacts in this way, disadvantageous though it may seem, is called a self-preservation mechanism. It keeps you out of situations that could potentially be threatening to your well-being or your belief system by giving you reasons why you should not enter the situations in the first place.

So what do you do when this happens? Think of your social skills like a muscle. Your social muscle is just like any other muscle in your body — if you work it out, it gets stronger, and if you don't, it gets weaker. If you www. That soreness manifests itself as emotional pain, making rejection seem to hurt more than it normally does.

The tiredness that comes from exercising your social muscle appears in the form of actual physical fatigue. After talking to many people, communicating a lot, and being very social, you will be exhausted. Your social muscle is no different. The emotions create a belief system around your social that you experience while approaching a beautiful woman personality, your abilities to be social are anxiety, nervousness, and will start to change.

If you believe that you might get hit by a car if you cross the street without looking, for instance, you will have an emotional response every time you start to walk across a street without first checking for oncoming traffic. All you have to do to get rid of your approach anxiety once and for all is change that belief system. You must know, deep down and without any doubts, that you are the kind of guy www. But how do you do that? How do you become that kind of man? How do you create a new belief system? To create a new belief system, you have to kill your hesitation.

In order to kill your hesitation, you have to go through the belief creation process Remember it from an earlier chapter? The first stage is challenging, then acceptance. One way to do this is to use affirmations. Affirmation is the concept that if you continuously say something positive about yourself, it will eventually become true. Start out by saying it to friends and then move on to strangers, and keep practicing until you are comfortable saying it to anyone.

What is the Law of Attraction Secret for Women?

Everyone is a potential source of feedback because each person you approach will have a different reaction. Experimenting with a wide variety of people will teach you how to remain secure in your new belief system in any circumstances. The final stage is submission. Submit your new beliefs to your brain and use them to replace your old, faulty beliefs. Follow these steps, and you will vanquish approach anxiety. There are two kinds of reinforcement: external reinforcement and internal reinforcement. You must have both forms of reinforcement; it is not healthy to have only one. If, on the other hand, you rely only on your own approval and www.

If you find that you have too much of one form of reinforcement and too little of the other, you need to re- calibrate everything in order to balance them and then go back to the belief system. A man named Wyatt Woodsmall taught me this concept. Wyatt Woodsmall was the mentor of Tony Robbins, a very famous neurolinguistic programming and motivational speaker you might have heard of who has had wild success from his In order to improve yourself, you have to programs.

Wyatt Woodsmall once told me that in order to improve become not you. To become a truly valuable person, you have to become not you. As long as you are open to becoming not you, you will constantly improve until you evolve into the best version of yourself, which is the ultimate goal anyway. The initial impulse you experience that motivates you to approach a woman is blocked by fear in approximately one to www. If you approach before this happens, you will hack your brain and bypass that hesitation factor.

The time it takes for your emotional brain to make up an excuse and send it to your logical brain for approval is about one to two seconds, occasionally three seconds, so approach as soon as you possibly can. You should always be the winner in a race that pits you against your brain. You will also need to go through the process of desensitizing yourself to rejection. A man who is a badass with women might approach a hundred women and get rejected by fifty of them. A guy who is not as good with women may approach five and get rejected by two or three.

The problem here is that the guy who is not successful with women has only two or three positive interactions, while the guy who is successful with women has fifty positive interactions. One way to rid yourself of this devastating fear is to have clear intentions. What do you want to get out of your interaction with a woman, and why are you approaching in the first place? Their main goal is to learn a skill set, nothing else!

Outcome dependency kills attraction. A man who is too outcome-focused approaches a woman solely to prove that he is able to make his desired outcome happen, not out of any real interest in her. When you get to the point that you Learning how to approach women is a lot have to actively try to screw up an like pushing that car. All that will be necessary after that is to keep exercising your social muscle so that it never weakens. Learning how to approach women is a lot like pushing that car. In the beginning, it will be difficult. The few steps are always the hardest and you might be tempted to give up.

But once you get the car going, it will continue to move forward by virtue of its own momentum. Now you have two options. If the car is coasting with minimal effort on your part and you stop pushing it, it will eventually roll to a stop. When you stop pushing, your car comes to a halt and when you stop learning, you have to put in a lot of effort to build your social muscle up again.

So choose the second option. Make sure you are constantly working on your skills, and that you do everything necessary to maintain them once they are perfected. There will be more about this in the Members Only Area, so check it out! This, as you may recall, is called a filtering mechanism. A lot of men have learned how to lie about their confidence level, but women have developed countless tests that determine whether a man possesses real confidence or is faking it to hide weakness and insecurity.

A woman filters for a reason. These tests appear during the phase of attraction because women use them to decide if they should be attracted to you. Some guys have no idea that this is the case, but since you are a man who is interested in constantly improving, you need to know how to recognize these tests so that you appear more confident and are able to look deeper into the reactions you get from women.

There have been countless women that have There are two types of tests that you must learn to recognize: compliance tests and congruence tests. Compliance tests typically come in the form of asking you to do something. A woman uses these to see if you are going to let her get away with anything she wants. If you're really a high-value man, then your tolerance for compliance will be very low and you won't do everything she tells you to do.

Just worry about reacting properly to compliance tests. Women are willing to forgive you for being a little bit aggressive because you are man and you are fulfilling the male gender role. They are not, however, www. The second kind of test is called a congruence test. Women use these tests to see if you are actually as confident as you seem to be, usually by insulting you in some way. Whether or not you fail a congruence test is based on your reaction to the test.

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There are several ways to get out of that situation while still holding dominance. Option one is to add your own terms to the agreement. Another option is to add logical questioning to the conversation. Otherwise, return to option one and add your own terms again. A third option is something called trading compliance. Trading compliance means giving her a little bit of compliance in addition to the compliance she tries to give you.

A great example of this is asking her to buy you a drink. The simplest tactic is just to ignore any insult a woman throws at you. Act like the insult never happened and treat her exactly as you did beforehand. Another thing you can do is banter, like we discussed in the demonstrating high value stage, while displaying negative body language. The final technique for passing a congruence test is called misinterpretation. She wants to rattle you a bit. If you ever catch yourself www. Understanding the real reasons women test men in these ways and knowing how to react to the tests appropriately will prevent you from killing attraction.

Being able to read body language is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful interaction. The only thing that differentiates body language from spoken languages is this: everyone can speak it, but almost no one can read it. We are always saying something with our body language whether we are aware of it or not.

What is the point of reading body language? Communication your vocal tonality when you speak. When you are trying to transmit a message to someone via body language, the emotional transfer that occurs should have an effect on their body language. You have to take full responsibility for the messages your body sends, because you can have a remarkable amount of control over them if you study the way body language works. If someone reads a message incorrectly, you are to blame for the error, not them. The reason you need to use body language to build attraction is that body language creates attraction subconsciously.

Subconscious attraction bypasses your logical brain and goes straight to the emotional half. If you make her feel like she is attracted she will believe she is attracted. Humans begin to learn how to read body language when they are children. The subconscious mind is home to your emotional brain, which is why body language is sent there rather than to the logical brain. That is a far more powerful ability than evoking a logical response because attraction is based on emotions. If they are not — if your body says one thing while your mouth says another — you will seem incongruent.

There are two schools of thought that discuss the interplay between the body and emotions, both of which come out of the study of neurolinguistic programming. I happen to believe that both of them are true. According to the first, your body is influenced by your emotions. When you are in a negative mood, for example, you will have a tendency to stare at the ground, avoid eye contact, and slouch. The second school of thought believes the opposite: if you lead the body, the mind will follow. Knowing how to control your own body language is an invaluable skill. If you use dominant body language, you will feel more dominant.

If you use submissive body language, you will feel more submissive. You must learn to manage both independently of each other so that when one goes haywire, you can use the other to prevent yourself from screwing up social situations. You will know how they feel and why they feel that way even though they may not know that themselves. The first category is context — the context in which a message is given.

The second category is content — what the message actually is. The negative reaction being the content and the timing of the reaction being the context. That knowledge tells you that they may have an insecurity or some sort of negative association with that word. You can also use content to determine whether a person is submissive or dominant. If they are giving you messages that seem overpowering, they may have or at least want to have dominant body language. If they are constantly sending you messages that indicate that they are weak or smaller, they are telling you that they are submissive or want www.

Read content and context to determine this, and whether someone is insecure or competent. Both of us were looking for very specific cues from potential partners, so I had to make sure that I was confident that I was sending the proper messages. Whenever I was able to present to women that I was dominant but not domineering, I was able to make really strong connections and create the level of attraction that I wanted to create.

So how do you read body language? First things first: I break body language down into four categories. The categories are eye accessing cues, walking, sitting, and talking. The most basic use for body language is sending signals that indicate submission or dominance.

Decide what kind of woman you want because you will need to use body language that displays that you are the opposite of the women you are interested in. This, once you figure it out, will be your www. Eye accessing cues are a very accurate way to read someone because looking in different directions indicates that you are accessing different parts of your brain. You can do this by asking certain questions to get specific responses, www. Notice that I said to their right and to their left, not your right and your left. You have to learn to read eye accessing cues backwards. Their right is your left, and their left is your right.

All that particular eye movement means is that the process that person is going through at the time is a creative process. Looking up usually means that a person is accessing his visual brain. In other words, he is visualizing something. In theory, if she has normal eye accessing cues, she will be accessing her visual conceptual brain. You might notice that she looks up and actually tries to think about what color her house was, or she might look down because she has an emotional association with her house.

Regardless of which way she looks vertically, if she looks to her right slightly it means that her recall is to her right. If she looks to her left instead, it could mean that she uses her creative brain to trigger her memory. Some people are a lot like slot machines because they use their creative brain to cycle through all the different options they are imagining until they find the one that triggers a memory or an emotional response. They then take that option and use it to figure out what color their house was when they were a kid.

Looking up and to the right indicates that someone is using their visual recall, and looking down and to the left indicates that they are accessing their conceptual emotional brain, meaning that they are feeling something new or something that they are afraid of feeling.

The last combination is looking down and to the right, which indicates emotional recall. This is a very strong trigger because it means that you are touching on something that the person has an emotional association with. Success with women is not that simple. Triangulation, as you might have guessed, is a combination of three eye movements. Looking down at your mouth will access her www. Oftentimes, she will then consciously look up in an attempt to avoid seeming desperate, and will then catch your eyes. Switching back and forth in this manner results in her eyes forming a triangular pattern.

Wondering what you should say and how you actually go in for the kiss? If you eliminate that fear, then you eliminate pretty much any hesitation a woman might have about kissing you. All of this should mostly occur during the phase of attraction. If your body is turned completely towards hers, you will project neediness and she will feel like she has nothing to work for because you will give yourself to anyone who will take you. There are lots of theories on how to avoid this. Do you face her completely and then turn away? Do you turn your back?

Do you turn sideways and look over your shoulder? As a general rule, the most effective approach is to give her positive body language right at the beginning of an interaction and then immediately take it away. Lean back slightly, or turn away a little bit. You www. If you want to project negative body language, lean on your back foot, and if you want to project positive body language put your weight on your front foot. Another massive difference between positive and negative body language is the position of your shoulders.

About once every ten or twenty seconds you should switch your weight on your front foot. If she starts to face you with her hips, feet, and face — especially if she opens her hands and arms, and creates a direct, physical line of communication between her chest and yours — she is giving you very strong indications that she is interested in you. This is absolutely key if you want to build attraction. So many guys overlook this and end up wasting opportunities! I stated in the chapter about the system that the first stage in the phase of attraction is introduction.

How you are walking or sitting or standing will affect whether or not she is immediately attracted to you. To walk in a way that is confident and dominant, there are three major traits you have to keep in mind. The first is to have wide strides. Step as far as you can without lunging and take as few strides as possible to get where you need to go.

A person who is afraid of falling over in front of people is actually afraid of being humiliated because they are not truly confident. The proper way to walk is to extend your leg until your heel touches the ground on the other side. Your heel should always touch before your toes do. Make sure you commit to that second step. If all of that sounds confusing, check out the Members Only Area for a demonstration! When you start taking wide strides, you will begin to notice people looking at you more.

Sexual attraction

Both men and women will stare at you, recognizing your increased confidence and attractiveness. Look down once to get an idea of the landscape so you know where to step, then look up for the rest of the journey. The final step to constructing a more confident walk is to keep your shoulders down. Pull them back to the point that www. I saw more positive reactions per block when I started doing this than I had ever seen in the months beforehand. I would notice five attractive women staring me up and down, or looking me in the eyes and smiling, on every block in New York City when before I would be lucky if I saw five check me out in a month.

Sitting and standing are very different atmospheres from active movement. One method is to take up as much space as possible. Take care not to use too much space, though, or you will appear to be overcompensating. If someone tries to sit next to you, only scoot over if they need room. Another factor to consider is the position of your head. By lowering your head, you subconsciously project submission and weakness to people who you are either intimidated by or attracted to.

So if you're intimidated by beautiful women, you will naturally lower your head whenever you speak with one in an attempt www. The only time you can break this rule is when you're building rapport. The mental or emotional weight of your feelings will manifest itself by making you feel like your head is physically heavier. In all other situations, keep your head at the same level as everyone else around you and try to keep your back as straight as possible.

Slouching is a very serious offense. Not only is it unattractive to look at and bad for your back, it shows that you want to be lower in the conversation. I know that your back may be sore. Sitting up straight takes precedence over taking up space. Men who are confident do not slouch; they use proper posture to project that confidence! There are plenty of ways to train yourself to sit up straight, but the best way I found was just to constantly check-in with my body and force myself to sit up if I noticed that I was slouching.

Is my head up? Are my shoulders down? Am I taking up the space that I want?

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Am I lowering my head, or am I keeping my head up? What are my eye accessing cues saying? The last thing to pay attention to is your voice. Your voice has two major sources: your throat and your stomach. Speaking with your throat results in a higher pitch and higher range. When you speak from your stomach, people can feel the vibration of your voice, so it resonates with them both physically and emotionally. This is a very powerful distinction.

If you speak with your throat during the attraction phase of an interaction you will disarm people, making them feel comfortable around you, but if If you speak with your throat during the you speak from your stomach attraction phase of an interaction you during the attraction phase, people may feel intimidated. Speaking from your stomach should also cause vibrations in your sternum and your voice will be deeper. This voice is your seduction www.

Another important concept to be aware of is the way the ends of your sentences sound. Ending everything on an up- note makes all of your sentences sound like questions. Instead, try to end your sentences on down-notes. Ending a sentence with a down-note leaves a positive and powerful impression. The problem with this strategy is that it backfires completely — people recognize that a filler word means that they can take control of the conversation if they want to, so they usually end up causing interruptions instead of preventing them.

It might feel awkward at first, but silence is actually a very powerful element of human communication. In a group, it can build tension, anxiety, or a strong sense of urgency or attention. One-on- www. Even if you have something important to say, a moment of silence is preferable to a collection of filler words. The power of laughter is extraordinary. If you laugh with people who are strangers, they will get the impression that you are a very confident, comfortable person who is okay with being vulnerable. I relate this to martial arts. The scariest and most advanced stances in any martial art are the ones that almost invite being attacked.

Picture someone standing with their back to you, completely wide open. That person exhibits a great deal of confidence, because standing in that manner indicates that they are prepared and have given thought to how they are going to divert your attack, and then perform a counter- attack in return. People look at your social ability in the same way. If you laugh with a stranger, you are being vulnerable. The truth is that strangers will not attack you because they are too afraid to do so. Most www. And no one wants to screw with a badass!

If you do get screwed with a lot, then try being completely vulnerable. Things may temporarily get worse, but stay consistent and to you? Showing that you're comfortable laughing and putting yourself out there in social environments where everyone else is tense and scared will show how powerful you really are. You will still be attacked sometimes, and it will be annoying and a little painful, but it will happen less and less frequently as time goes by.

Increase your social power by laughing with strangers and projecting positive body language. How do you know that a woman is attracted to you? You should always believe, in your subconscious mind, that www. Assuming attraction works in your favor more than questioning whether or not every girl is attracted to you, but there are several signs you can look for that more concretely indicate that a woman is interested in you. Number One: Looking down. Number Two: Hair twirling. A lot of men misread hair twirling because there are several reasons why a woman might be doing it.

One possible reason is that she is trying to stimulate her scalp, which means that she is bored and is losing attraction for you. The sensory experience related to the head particularly at the back is incredibly sexually loaded and full of emotional triggers and anchors. Number Four: Triangulation. Triangulation describes a pattern of eye movement that is a strong indicator that a woman wants to kiss you or is feeling sexual around you.

She will look at one eye, then the other, then your mouth, and then repeat the gesture. Kiss her as soon as you see this happening. Number Five: Initiating or escalating touch. Is she touching you more and more? Is she letting each touch linger for a longer period of time? A woman who is giving you congruence tests or compliance tests is attracted to you. A lot of guys get this wrong and assume that she is being insulting, but the truth is that women only test men they find appealing.

Number Eight: Positive body language. Positive body language occurs when a woman starts to face you, especially with her hips and her shoulders. Refer to the Members Only Area for more information on this subject. Number Nine: Initiating the conversation. Number Ten: Qualifying. A woman will start selling herself to you if she finds you attractive.

She will try to impress you in some way, essentially listing reasons why you should like her. When you see this happening, accept her immediately. To recap, the top signs of attraction are: Looking down. Hair twirling. Leaning in. Initiating or escalating touch.

Testing for congruence. Testing for compliance. Positive body language. Initiating any kind of interaction or conversation. You will be able to read body language like a pro if you can keep all of these points in mind. Study them, practice reading them, and master them slowly, and you will be a complete badass with women. But I have to include a disclaimer: if you would like love to stay magical for you, instead of viewing it as a process that you can control, then you should skip this chapter.

I'm going to outline exactly why it happens and how to create it, so if you would like love to remain a fantasy, then you should move on to the next chapter. Once you break it down, it might not be interesting anymore, but you will have control over it and will be able to create love whenever you want to. What a woman ultimately wants is a man who can create love for her. When we discussed the system, I explained that you need to become vulnerable during this moment.

This is not an appropriate time to banter and be lighthearted. Being a badass means understanding how to control and draw out your own natural rapport. Luckily, however, there is a rapport formula that you can use to help you. The formula begins during the stage of light rapport. Then I came back. I fed my dog. I had a really great breakfast. Afterwards, I went for a walk. And then I came home, took a shower, got dressed and came here. To do so, you must employ the deep rapport formula. The deep rapport formula states that when you figure out what you want to build rapport on, you will create love in the relationship if you adhere to the following instructions and make a real attempt to form a connection.

The first step of the formula is acceptance. If you jump straight into the deep rapport formula without acknowledging what she said, it will seem like you were simply waiting for your turn to talk. Once that acceptance is solidified, you can move on to the second stage. Sorry, guys — you have to do things the other way around. This way, www. Do I really feel excited about pasta? This is crucial for building rapport. Whatever you choose to talk about here is your rapport topic.

The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language: For Men: Nicholas Jack: Books

You might as well not say anything at all. Words are used for emotion itself. That means that you need to describe the event that makes you feel a specific way, and should not try to explain the emotion itself. A highly effective, go-to rapport topic is anything that happened to you when you were a child. Whenever we hear someone telling stories about being a little kid, we begin to think back to our own childhoods and start to feel all the emotions that we associate with that period in our lives.

It automatically makes us feel closer to other people. Being able to run around like that was a really freeing experience for me. I felt like I was invisible! It was such a great time. After receiving confirmation number Link it to the present. This is done in the form of a lesson. Essentially, you learn the lesson as you say it. I can take the beautiful experience of role-playing when I was little and apply it to my every day life.

This is particularly effective if you learn the lesson in the moment, www. The final step is the ultimate Ultimate Confirmation. If what you said made any sense to her whatsoever, even if it was very little, she is going to say yes and the phase of rapport has ended. You should also feel different, because rapport is a two-way street. You might not use this exact formula, but you will go through the process of building deep rapport, of discussing things that happened when you were younger and transferring emotions.

You can alter the formula wherever you wish, or avoid it completely in favor of building rapport naturally, but I know it works because my students, as well as myself, have had great success with it. This is one area in the map of interaction where logistics become a big issue. To begin rapport, you should almost always be one-on-one with a woman. Make sure that you are leaning in during this process, and check that she is leaning in as well.

Access your emotions with your eyes as well. If you cannot draw out an emotion about something, try looking down and thinking about it. Remember that leading your body will lead your mind. When you are not looking down, it is important to maintain solid eye contact to aid the flow of emotion. We receive a great www. The last thing I want to teach you is that there are three different kinds of rapport, and you must learn to choose the proper one for the proper time. The three types of rapport topics are eager rapport topics, negative rapport topics, and unexpected rapport topics.

Anything she mentions that involves a massive amount of emotion is an eager rapport topic. When a woman brings up something like this, she wants you to talk about it. She is more or less telling you exactly what she wants you to build rapport on. Two types of girls use eager rapport topics. Some use them because they are needy and are desperate to make a connection, and others use them to test if you are trying to make a connection quickly. A man who is not interested in the conversation, is not enjoying her company, or is just trying to get her into bed will immediately jump at the chance to discuss an eager rapport topic.

A woman brings up a negative rapport topic whenever she tells you about something bad that happened to her or, in fact, any other negative subject. Two things will happen www. The first is that she will now associate you with something negative, and the second is that she will then feel that she has to continue to tell you negative things in order to keep building rapport.

Because she knows that she will be accepted for saying something negative, she thinks that doing so will build a stronger connection with you. Is there someone in your life who constantly dumps their problems on you? Who is always negative and always complaining? That person acts that way around you because you built negative Unexpected rapport topics are things that a rapport with them. The third and most important form of rapport is unexpected rapport. In some rare occasions, you will encounter a fourth from of rapport called forced rapport.

Forced rapport occurs when someone gives you a topic that you have to talk about. Using the deep rapport formula and your knowledge about the different forms of rapport, you can create love with anyone you meet. Try these tactics out, post what you think, and have a good time, but please understand that misusing the ability to create love will have serious repercussions. Build rapport with people that you genuinely care about, and you will be able to control love and create an intense emotional connection with anyone you want.

Before I started the company I have now, I used to do a lot of fieldwork. I would take guys to bars, cafes, parks — anywhere there were women! I learned so much from doing fieldwork that I can now walk into a room full of new students and tell you immediately what the three biggest problems are that each guy is going to have.

You look like a chicken pecking at food on the ground. Attraction is not based on verbal content, it is based primarily on body language. You send the message that what you have to say is not valuable whatsoever, so you are willing to do all the work for her. The second item on my list is being needy during Being Needy the beginning of an interaction. You absolutely cannot afford to act needy during the phase of attraction.

If you approach a girl and she walks away, tough shit! There are ten www. You cannot become invested in an interaction until you get into rapport, so view every interaction you begin with a girl as nothing more than fun. The only time you do lose is by building rapport and then screwing up. Do not be outcome dependent! Be outcome independent. Focus on the moment, on being a man, on being attractive, on progressing through the different stages of the map of interaction.

The third big mistake that men make is Too Much Positive Body Language showing too much positive body language too quickly, or doing it for no reason. Here I am. Take it or leave it. Make frequent changes to your body language to avoid this. You can find descriptions, videos, and pictures of this in the Members Only Area if it sounds confusing here.

When a woman is constantly thinking that you might leave her, she will give you lots of positive body language. Be careful not to reciprocate. You can even turn your back on her every once in a while. This will increase attraction through body language very quickly. Up next: number four. I would be teaching you that, if it did. The fifth biggest mistake that I see men make is not touching Not Touching Enough a woman enough, or not touching her properly.

Trying to touch too quickly ends the attraction, but not touching at all means the attraction never begins in the first place. It forces you into the friend zone. The next major mistake is asking for Asking For Permission permission. If you do that, you are not fulfilling the male gender role and she will not be attracted to you.

An attractive man is dominant but not domineering, as we discussed earlier. Number seven is failing compliance and congruence tests. These are massively Failing Compliance Tests important. If you cannot pass them, women will filter you out. The filtering system exists because it works. Luckily for you, you have all of that information right here in this book. Hesitation is number nine. Everyone hesitates naturally, Hesitation so you have to consciously make an effort not to. The best way to defeat hesitation is simply to not give yourself time for it.

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  • Stop thinking so much about approaching a woman and just do it! You can also make use of a few motivating factors that you know will force you into action. What are one or two things that you can say to yourself that you know will motivate you to do anything? The final big mistake that men make is Creating An Imaginary Relationship creating an imaginary relationship. Guys constantly www. What you should do is match her investment.

    Assume in the beginning that she has lots of options. If you have the mentality that your options are limited, you will scare away women who are interested in you by trying to move too quickly into a relationship. So how do you stop thinking about her? All you can do is force yourself to think of something else. Keep www. Using your new-found knowledge, you can improve your business, enhance your friendships, and be a god with women.