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Land of the Lost Souls

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the film starring Robin Williams, see Cadillac Man. Publishers Weekly. March 16, March 11, Archived from the original on September 5, The United States has a homeless population of close to seven hundred thousand: Cadillac's stories are their stories, but his voice is all his own. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Show more Show less.

Best-selling in Non-Fiction Books. Peterson 7. Save on Non-Fiction Books Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. Burns, David D. The Boy With Two Lives by Abbas Kazerooni YA When year-old Abbas arrives in England having just fled conscription into the Iranian army and survived almost three months alone in Istanbul waiting for a visa, little does he know that his troubles have only just begun. His cousin packs him off to boarding school, infrequent phone calls are his only contact with his beloved mother, and he eventually finds himself homeless at the age of Abbas's extraordinary resilience in the face of overpowering odds makes this story, based on true events, inspiring and unforgettable.

Which is exactly what Youme decided she would do one afternoon when she and Anthony began a conversation in the subway about art. It turns out that both Youme and Anthony Horton are artists.

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Their mission is simple - to bring life-saving care to the world's neediest people and to speak out when the rights of the people in their care are abused or violated. Michael L. Cooper takes readers through this tumultuous period, beginning with the stock market crash that ushered in the Great Depression and continuing with the severe drought in the Midwest, known as the Dust Bowl. He chronicles the everyday struggle for survival by those who lost everything, as well as the mass exodus westward to California on fabled Route The crisis also served as a turning point in American domestic policy, prompting the establishment of programs, such as welfare and Social Security, that revolutionized the role of the federal government.

Vivid personal anecdotes from figures such as John Steinbeck and Woody Guthrie, and an extensive selection of photographs by Dorothea Lange and others, illuminate the individuals who faced poverty, illness, and despair as they coped with this extraordinary challenge. Endnotes, bibliography, Internet resources, index.

He finds a home in an abandoned freight train outside a small town, where he falls in love with rich, restless Caitlin and befriends a fellow train resident, "Old Bill," who slowly reveals a tragic past.

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When Billy is given a gift that changes everything, he learns not only to how forge his own path in life, but the real meaning of family. The King of Dragons by Carol Fenner YA Eleven-year-old Ian and his Vietnam veteran father have been homeless for years, but now his father has found a perfect place for them—an abandoned city courthouse with heat, plenty of bathrooms, and lots of exits and entrances.

Fly Away Home by Eve Bunting Ages A homeless boy who lives in an airport with his father, moving from terminal to terminal trying not to be noticed, is given hope when a trapped bird finally finds its freedom. Filled with colorful artwork, this storybook addresses issues of poverty with honesty and sensitivity while instilling important lessons in friendship, empathy, trust, and helping others. A call to action section, with six effective ways for children to help fight hunger and information on antihunger groups, is also included.

But in her small African village, only children who can afford uniforms and books can go to school.

My Life on the Streets

Beatrice knows that with six children to care for, her family is much too poor. But then Beatrice receives a wonderful gift from some people far away -- a goat! Fat and sleek as a ripe mango, Mugisa which means "luck" gives milk that Beatrice can sell. With Mugisa's help, it looks as if Beatrice's dream may come true after all. The difficult lives of those fed including children --as well as the friendly, nonintrusive attitude of the kitchen workers toward them--are presented sensitively but without sentimentality.

He has forgotten to say his prayers. Outside his window, a beautiful harvest moon illuminates the city around him and its many inhabitants. As the moon slowly makes its way across the heavens, the boy offers a simple prayer for the homeless, the hungry, and others.

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The Can Man by Laura E. Williams and Craig Orback Ages Tim's birthday is just a week away, and more than anything he wants a skateboard. But money is tight, and Tim knows his family cannot afford to buy him a board. As Tim ponders how he might earn money for a skateboard, he hears The Can Man down the street collecting empty soft drink cans. He will collect cans too, and cash them in for the redemption money. Every time Maya tries to join Chloe and her friends, they reject her.

Eventually Maya stops coming to school. When Chloe's teacher gives a lesson about how even small acts of kindness can change the world, Chloe is stung by the lost opportunity for friendship, and thinks about how much better it could have been if she'd shown a little kindness toward Maya. But soon Lina and Feroza meet and decide that it is better to share the sandals than for each to wear only one. The girls discover the true meaning of friendship and sacrifice. Warm colors and bold brush strokes are the perfect complement to this story of courage and hope. The Family Under the Bridge by Natalie Savage Carlson and Garth Williams Ages The story of a Parisian tramp, Armand, who finds a ready-made family to live with him under the bridge, was a Newbery Honor book when it was first published more than 30 years ago.

But today, CJ wonders why they don't own a car like his friend Colby. How come they always have to get off in the dirty part of town? Each question is met with an encouraging answer from grandma, who helps him see the beauty—and fun—in their routine and the world around them.

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Lily and the Paper Man by Rebecca Upjohn Ages Walking with her mother on the way home from school one day, Lily runs straight into a gruff and untidy-looking man selling papers on the street. Frightened, Lily insists on taking the bus home every day for fear she will run into him again. But when the weather turns cold, Lily starts to see the Paper Man differently; she sees his bare toes through the holes in his boots and his thin shirt through the holes in his coat. As she lies in her warm bed at night, she wonders about the Paper Man and how he stays warm.

Lily comes up with an idea and overcomes her fear. The Lunch Thief by Anne C. His mom had packed his lunch bag with two burritos, a bag of corn chips, some carrots, and an apple. Once a week she tucks in a slice of her special lemon pound cake. Rafael saw Kevin, a new kid in his class, sneak his lunch bag from underneath his desk and tuck it in his backpack. But how can he do something about the theft without picking a fight? Inspired by his mother's advice to use his mouth before his fists, Rafael bides his time, but other kids' lunches are disappearing, too.

On an errand with his mom, Rafael sees Kevin carrying a bundle of laundry into a motel room, and his mom tells him Kevin's family might be one of the families who lost their homes in the recent wildfires.

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Rafael rethinks his anger. The next day, instead of accusing Kevin, Rafael invites him to share his lunch, letting him know he's been caught, but offering friendship as well as a good meal.