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I am drawn to police procedurals and books with private or amateur investigators. Unfamiliar locations carry the plus of teaching about cultures and customs.

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Bookmark the permalink. Lost Girls is an adult graphic novel written by Alan Moore with art by Melinda Gebbie published partially in in a magazine called "Taboo" before being released in full in It portrays a sort of alternate Oz in that the fairy lands of Dorothy Gale, Alice Fairchild Wonderland , and Wendy Darling Neverland do not exist but are instead made up of psychological fantasies used by them to recover from sexual abuse trauma.

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In the book, the three now grown women meet by chance all at the Hotel Himmelgarten in Austria before WW1 begins and they share their experiences. Dorothy in particular tells her story in the 3rd story entitled "The Great and Terrible" with the tagline quote "I am Oz, the great and terrible.

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When the third young female extra fails to show for work on Jack's movie, Loy begins to suspect Jack. And when the previous victims of the 'Three-in-One Killer' are discovered in LA at locations Jack used for his movies, Loy's suspicion hardens. He must find something in his and Jack's shared past that can point to the killer, and hope against hope that whatever he finds will point away from his old friend.

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And then, when he finally unearths the truth, it looks like it may be too late.