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For example:. Vet Tech: Hi Sam. Welcome back to our clinic. I see Zeus is ready for a nail trim. No problem.

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Zeus is usually a big mush once he gets in the back with us. Sam does this as the Vet tech continues a light conversation and eye contact with Sam. She knows his movement and relaxation will put Zeus more at ease. Vet Tech: Excellent! Vet Tech: Zeus appears so much more relaxed right now.

Sam does this, leaving the vet tech and Zeus standing side—by—side, on the same team. The veterinary staff can now direct a much more relaxed Zeus to the exam room.

Some dogs accept handling better when wearing a comfortable muzzle, especially when this relaxes the nervous or fearful energy of the people around them. That said, how we introduce a muzzle can make a huge difference. What kind of message would that send to the dog? How would that set him up to be relaxed around us and happy to wear a muzzle in the future?

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When it comes time to put a muzzle on, we make the experience into a pleasurable game. We use our palmed muzzle as a vessel to feed small biscuit pieces until the dog readily sticks his nose in it to get treats.

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We put it on again and then remove it with the same quiet praise. We are creating trust and good associations through repetition, the better for him to be comfortable with a muzzle in the future. As someone who has devoted her career to helping people become fluent speaking Dog, I am so thrilled that we now have this fantastic educational tool to teach kids how to read dogs' emotions and interact safely with them.

The Be A Tree program is concise and easy to follow, and the drawings are adorable. With the use of wonderful, easily understood graphics, quality information and incorporating colourful, interactive pages, this book is a standout in educating kids and adults in how best to interact with dogs. The use of this book to educate children and adults alike could be life changing for some.

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Debra Millikan. Head Instructor. Canine Behavioural School Inc. Adelaide, South Australia.

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  3. Speaking to your dog in a baby voice does actually make them listen to you, new research finds!
  4. If your family includes children and a dog, if you have children that spend time around friends and family members that have a dog, or if you have a dog that spends any time around children, you, your children, and your dog will benefit from your reading A Kids' Comprehensive Guide to Speaking Dog!. By teaching children, and adults, how to read and respond to these signs the book helps keep people and dogs safe.

    The world is full of children and dogs, and it is essential that we teach them how to interact safely. I give this book five paws! Doggone Safe is a c 3 non-profit organization.

    Speaking “Dog”: How Learning Practical Canine Behavior Can Benefit You and Your Staff

    Log in. Remember me. Researchers recorded 34 women in a laboratory interacting with their dog in four conditions: before a brief separation, after reuniting, during play and while giving commands. The results showed the women clearly varied how they spoke depending on the interaction with their dog. The results showed that before separating from their dog women used a low pitch, few modulations, and high intensity variations. By contrast, when they reunited with their pets they used few high pitch words, few imperatives and a high frequency of affectionate nicknames.

    Whilst playing with their dogs women used a lot of questions and got the attention of their dogs, and when issuing a command women used lots of imperatives. The study said that, like mothers speaking baby talk to newborns, mothers used verbal and non-verbal tricks.

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