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One day a parking tag was under my wheel when I parked at and I pulled it out and it had 38 on it. Love it!! My sister passed away three years ago…. But I asked for validation in the skies …. Needless to say hearts, rainbows, a shooting star…. Aurora Borealis…. I am 43 years old at 21 22 years ago an elder told me I was in the club and to wish for world peace. I see this time nearly all the time and pray and say thanks for keeping us safe. I have all other 6 signs. I know all is well when some of the local kangaroo population feeds on my lawn.

I have a pet Chihuahua, he is a psychic alarm bell. I have bipolar disorder and he is a trainee service dog for my psychiatric disability, I used to be in and out of hospital, not one admission or episode since we have shared our lives. Have a wonderful twin flame, and many friends. We are connected. A spiritual awakening if you will, and a kundalini awakening to follow.

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Every single one of those 7 sighns resonates with me. To spread the message of love and guide and open peoples minds to the limitless opportunities. I hope to see more people under go these transformations to have all the abundance possible in their lives. The universe will talk to you all you have to do is ask. Love and light! This article is another sign for me. Thank you so much for pointing out these things, that I might normally dismiss.

My family and I just moved miles from our home to start over. Things have been such a struggle since we got here and I 2nd guess the decision almost daily. I was forced to reach out for help, against every fiber of my being, so my family can survive the next 2 months. And just now, I was wondering how we were going to eat dinner and a friend invited us over for a home cooked meal. Love and light. For two months I have been in a big change — where I live, what I do. Moving back into my life work, the synchronicities to get it all going have been crazy!

I have had a ridiculous amount of s showing up — crazy triple numbers all over the place. I laugh. I can feel it……. My new bank account started with … The exit off the highway to get us to our apartment was But when my son got his license the ticket we pulled to get in line at the DMV was Thank you for this article!

I have been seeing 8s and 4s sequences and I believe these are good signs! But I still need to work on trusting and not worrying so much. I was taken aback by the signs. The past week, I have been looking at the clock seeing many, many times. On thanksgiving day, I saw and photographed the most beautiful rainbo. It was a double rainbow! My husband just got his first paycheck yesterday and we have had not had any money for about 2 months.

These signs are so inspiring in this difficult reality I am currently living in. I love signs of synchronicity. I will park up to look at a rainbow for ages, it just lifts my mood massively, as does the moon. I love this and downloaded the ancient manifestation ritual. I do receive the signs that the universe and I are aligning more and more. We both have said we were ready to leave the relationship but we dismiss that and keep on trying. However, I would like to see physical help ready. Was that resistance poking out? Above all, I appreciate your testimony about your life as amazing manifesting proof and love, Sarah!

Have a very blessed day. I heard it was a sign that a loved one was keeping in touch from spirit world. My mum passed away 6 years ago which leads me to butterflies.. I see butterflies at certain times and a few days after my Nana passed away, a white butterfly landed on my shoulder. For my mum its orange butterflies. Somehow I know its them visiting me. It was played at his funeral. I feel very very grateful and connected to the universe and more of these things come up on a regular basis.

Thanks for your lovely articles.. I have been working on this so much. I see and and other triple digits all the time.

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When i am feeling overwhelmed with something i need to get done i will turn and see on the clock and immediately am calm and know it will be fine. I have been finding alot of pennies everywhere. The other day i found a dollar in the store parking lot. I decided to put in the salvation army bucket. I have also been having alot of spider encounters which is very odd to me but when i looked it up…i am creating something beautiful…..

There was a time when I was first introduced to the law of attraction,I used to follow the instructions properly and really well. I was excited everyday,I was always feeling good and grateful. I got a new job,won the best performance award at university,aced all the exams with excellent results…theze were all miracles! The reason was ofcourse God and the law of attraction. Before I manifested them I kept seeing the number 8 everyday.

The shape of eight is very much similar to the shape of infinity. I lost all faith and love for life and the world. I forgot the LOA. Months went by and I made my decision to leave the job and come home.

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Just to get a break and find my Self again. I became more relaxed. I started to meditate.. I started to feel grateful and excited every moment. Every time when I go out I see a white butterfly and guess what I get to see the number eight everywhere oresle the shape of infinity. This is amazing. I see 9. I do hope 9. And i always see the number on my click, papers also i always wake at 4.

I used to be a terrible sleeper now i can sleep for 8 hours! I see daily…sometimes both morning and evening. Also, see More now than ever before. I find pennies too. Thank you Angels! Whenever I need confirmation universe sends me my animal totem. I stumbled across you page on my newsfeeds on Facebook just when I was asking the universe to send me a sign that everything is going to be okay with a situation that is currently ruling our lifes. The time was and ever since reading your work I have seen the 22, 33, 44 and 55s to every hour intensified day and when waking through the night.

Thank you truly for you guideness and support xx. Said thank you that is. So I love it when a sign like this page shows up and validates what has been going on. Thank you for this post!! My spirit animal is the tiger and also I see butterflies a lot. A few months ago my mum dug one out of the eves and said this is what you had in hospital when you were born. Before I knew all this I had bought 2 new tiger cross stitches, one a large black and white tiger laying in some water with some butterflies on her and the second one looks like her cub also with butterflies on.

I just smile and say thank you universe. I was recently meditating out near the ocean and this raven flew up the cliff suddenly at me and scared the hell outta me. Another flew up, then a 3rd and a 4th swooped over my head from behind. They circled above my head and then flew off. Instead he proposed to me on 30th December So I kept seeing every day on the clock morning and night for the past year and a half.

I no longer see this time. It was so as if I had to acknowledge it at the right time. I smile every time I see It was almost scary. Hello Sara I have been trying for years to manifest a better life …. I have never seen numbers showing combos of 1 …. The talking before someone else says the same thing , use sing the phone will ring and knowing who it is happens to me regularly, same with car parks and many I other things.

Without a movie version, these students would not have been lured by J. K Rowling to this mistake or have been dreadfully mislead with wrong details. Rowling wove for the world. Rowling wove by Suzanne in her books.

How to Ask the Universe for a Sign and Trust the Guidance You Receive

From my own experience, I have felt that certain books I have loved have been weakened by their movie versions. The Great However, I was unimpressed with the turnout. While reading the book Gatsby I developed a deep connection to the main character. I understood the imbedded trauma that caused her to complete a three-month trek on the by f. While Strayed completed about half of this daunting distance, it was not so much about the magnitude of how far she went, but the power of her determination to repair her sense of self after many years of traumatic events.

However, in Since I was not able to hear her inner thoughts as I could in the book, I did not feel like I was right there with her as she pushed through her journey. Many of her breakdowns were left unexplained because the movie ignored parts of her background which were critical to her story. However, the movie fell short of my expectations. The characters did not move the way that they did in the book through troubling scenarios and I felt like the end of the movie came all too suddenly.

While movies can be watched in just hours, books can take weeks to complete. This time element is eliminated in a movie. The movie condenses books into specific events that are crucial to the plot without allowing the characters to fully develop as they do in books. Belk has felt the effect that a timed movie has on her connection to characters.

Comparing your favorite book to the movie version often leads to disappointment. While movies can be exciting and enticing, books of progressive concept and thrilling adventure can heep greater internal reward. So instead of jumping straight into the movie, every once in awhile take a moment and treat yourself to the art of the written word. Films, unlike books, are able to relay true emotion and human capacity for art.

Actor portrayals, visual scenes, special effects, and music all bring books to life in a way that the text itself cannot. Acting is crucial in capturing the essence of characters and in moving the audience through visual interaction. Visual representation is undoubtedly one of the most captivating and powerful forms of art. Many will argue that the books are better, asserting that many crucial details were left out of the movies.

As a fan of the books, he prefers the novels in their originality. But they do bring an element of life and expressiveness that is often missing from book pages. In the past, women bound their feet in China in order to have smaller, more attractive feet. In the United States, that focus, that over-sexualized part of the body is the nipple.

In most states, excluding New York and several other states, legislative bodies have determined nipples and breasts to be too obscene, too distracting, too vulgar for women to be legally able to bare their chests in public as men do. However, this movement is more out of necessity, for nourishing a child in public places and for gaining equality in all senses, than out of a liberal stampede towards the government.

The Free the Nipple movement, with a much greater message than the liberal and progressive one on the surface, has yet to gain serious ground with conservative legislatures but has picked up momentum within the feminist and equal rights movements. Were women able to use and portray their bodies just as men do, the chronic problem of the over-sexualization.

However, to seek equality in this broad and almost intangible sense draws attention away from the smaller, necessary steps and miniscule revolutions that might make a larger impact on societal expectations and tendencies in a smaller timeframe. Women earning equal pay for the same work as their male counterparts, rather than 79 percent the salary of men, would economically level the gender gap and serve as a stepping stone towards other like-minded reform movements.

To demand freedom of physical expression before acquiring equal pay makes it seem as if we, as a society, are missing an important step on the road to equality of the sexes. Imagine that the Supreme Court rules that both men and women possess the freedom to bare their chests in public, including social media and other public spaces. Rather than giving women the rights to their bodies and creating a more accepting society, this change, without the background of increasing equality of the sexes, would erupt into an even more separate and hostile environment.

The media would highlight the differences between male and female bodies, by the outrage it spurs, rather than address the similarities and parallelism. But thanks for checking. While I understand that the district does not want their students watching porn during class, this incident is just another result of the sexualization of the female nipple online and in the media. In fact, I was able to peruse countless photos of male breasts without it labelled as pornography. Recent controversy surrounding the freedom of the nipple and female breast has exploded in mainstream media and American culture.

Currently, public female toplessness is legal in only 13 states. And that needs to change. With a widespread Twitter hashtag, a cheeky documentary, and the celebrity endorsements of Miley Cyrus and Lena Dunham, the Free the Nipple cause is taking root across America, especially with millennial and teenage women. Perhaps some of you reading this are already quite uncomfortable. And that is precisely what the Free the Nipple campaign is trying to change. For some reason, the ability to post pho-.

However, this is simply the physical side of the problem. The societal and cultural side of the problem, the side that associates female breasts with pure sexualization, is the real issue.

Law of Attraction and the 555 Technique

The countless catcalls and offensive messages in music targeting female bodies are evidence of the social and cultural stigma placed on the breast. Society stigmatizes female breasts as purely sexual and highly offensive, secluded from the public. On the other hand, according to society, the male breast is gorgeous and brilliant and obviously inoffensive. Biologically, the female breast is a source of nourishment for human life by way of breastfeeding.

In this sense, women should be allowed to expose their breast in public, if only for the sole purpose of breastfeeding their own infant. While many would turn away at the sight of the female nipple on television, children continue to play extremely violent video games and watch brutal movies. Nudity is promptly shunned, yet extreme amounts of violence are commonplace and often expected in many TV shows.

I am not saying that violence should not be allowed in the media, I am simply saying that if this level of violence is allowed, then the female breast should be too. This disparity is a result of American societal standards. This standard asserts that extreme violence is perfectly okay, but when a woman bares her chest, she is a slut. When the nipple is freed, the negative connotation of sexually active women will end, paving the way for a more inclusive and accepting society. The differing physical and societal ideologies relative to the human breast further the issue of gender inequality and the overall negativity surrounding the female body.

However women decide to use their freedom, the option to go topless or not will provide women with a choice concerning their own body. For example, from adolescence to adulthood, most individuals show an increase in agreeableness, becoming more pleasant and easy-going. That said, a stable core personality is the most prominent trend throughout the research. For example, in many twin studies, identical twins, who share percent of their genes, are twice as likely to share personality traits than fraternal twins are, who share only about 50 percent of their genes.

Strong evidence suggests genes decide most of human personality, but en-. In a research study, rats were trained to associate a certain fragrance, acetophenone, with a painful shock. Afterwards, each time the trained rat would smell acetophenone, it would become startled and fearful. From the results, scientists concluded that experiences or other environmental factors like culture can affect the way cells read your genes, consequently altering personality.

It is undeniable that personality is linked to genetics, which is why your personality is so robust. These inherited traits are constantly expressed by your everyday actions, feelings and behaviors. But if you think about it, it is very hard for someone to actually change at the core. Change only occurs after one experiences a life changing event, a drastic moment, or an extremely intense emotional tare down. Take this example: a breakup. They were lifted off the ground and felt on top of the world. That worthlessness soon turns into strength and power as they realize they have to turn their hurt into certainty.

They tell themselves they are better and stronger than the breakup and eventually get over it. They are able to notice the people that will hurt them and the people that will love them. They are now stronger-minded than ever and will not let anybody get to them. They changed because they experienced heartbreak.

The loss of a parent, for instance, has a much greater effect on the child than when that child breaks up with their boyfriend or girlfriend. They are forced to take care of themselves and become prematurely independent. They will have to act completely differently than they would before. They have to deal with sustaining their happiness instead of letting their identity break apart. They have to keep a smile on their face at school, they have to take care of other loved ones who are also mourning.

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  8. Not only does the death matter, the way it happened does too. Intentional deaths impact mourners more than accidental deaths do, since they cause people to blame themselves. Because not only has this death hurt them and broken each bone in their body over and over again, but it has made them stronger than ever and it has made them see the world as a precious gift that can be taken away any second.

    As a result of being hurt, people who were once innocent and dependent turn into self-driven, independent and strong. Julian Verbo, a sophomore at M-A, lost his father at a young age. I had to stay strong in the situation, not just for myself but especially for my mom who then became my mom and dad at the same time and still does that everyday … I had to learn to adapt. Now I have an outlook on life just like how my dad did: to be brave in whatever obstacle life hands you.

    We change because life happens and life is full of drastic and painful moments. Growth is one of the greatest forms of change, caused by exposure to the world along with the accumulation of knowledge gained through experience. Our society functions primarily on the notion that people change throughout their lives. Criminals are sent to jail and are given a second chance because we trust that they will change for the better. Giving each other a second chance on a serious matter is something that is sustained on the belief that people change because people believe that change is possible.

    As a society, we constantly give people second chances, thus illustrating that change is an expected part of life and that change exists. Education is another aspect of society that relies on change. With education we are able to grow, think differently, make new connections and have ideas that fully impact our identity entirely. Change is the foundation of who we are because everyone evolves constantly. As a species, it is in our genes to evolve and adapt to our surroundings in order to survive, and so we must be capable to change.

    As we get exposed to new concepts and ideas, we surely change how we think and what we believe in. Personality is not something that is set in stone, it is something that develops and changes constantly. Our personalities also change over time. A person can be an introvert for the majority of their twenties and later grow to be extroverted later on in their lives without any drastic changes, just accumulated experience through daily life.

    This is a clear example of a personality change that happens through experience. Conscientiousness, a trait marked by discipline and organization that is related to success in relationships and work, was seen to increase among the patients over time. This proves that everyone has their own beliefs and ways of life that generally stay consistent on a day to day basis. If someone goes on a trip to a new place, it is likely that their accustomed beliefs will be affected when coming in contact with an entirely new culture and new customs.

    This is an example of change because it was a simple trip that changed our internal view on life. Experience is the basis for growth and thus the basis for change. Want to know what your personality is? Whether you are turning 16 or 65, there will be a gigantic, overthe-top party for you at least in my family there is. My giant, Persian family had been anticipating the party for months.

    After about two hours of waiting for all of the remaining guests again, because all Persians arrive late dinner was served. For Persians, alcohol is always included with dinner, which makes for an interesting round of dancing that follows. After dinner, the DJ thanked my grandma for having him in a thick Persian accent and started playing upbeat, Persian music. Let me mention that I barely knew anyone at this party. Good, you have plenty of time for that.

    After a fun yet awkward hour of dancing, cake was served along with hot tea a mandatory addition to dessert in the Persian culture. I love my culture and being able to get together with all of my family members as well. So I leave you with this advice: if you are invited to a Persian party, prepare for one of the most fun nights of your life. Prepare to eat until you feel sick, to dance until your feet feel numb, to meet new relatives you never knew you had, and most importantly, to enjoy the Persian culture.

    Interested in being a guest writer for PersianLife? Email us at submittothemark gmail. Also, use the hashtag PersianLife on social media for a chance to be featured in The Mark! Iranians, or Persians, have diverse interests ranging from art and music to religion and nature. While such interests differ from person to person, the importance of family is instilled in all Iranians. When my dad was young, he, his four siblings, and his parents emigrated from Iran to the U. It was important to my grandparents to preserve their family unit because in Iran the family unit is expected to be strong.

    My grandparents knew given the vast opportunities and places to live in the U. Though my aunts and uncles lived across the country from each other for a time, they all managed to settle down and raise their families in the Bay Area. As a result, I grew up with the company of my cousins and the guidance of my aunts and uncles.

    Eid Al Fitr is a Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, a month of daily fasting from dawn to dusk. This past year Ramadan was in the middle of summer and while the longer days made the daily fast much harder, it also meant I could spend time with my family. All my cousins were home from college and our shared hunger led to a lot of bonding. We watched movies together, took hikes, and cooked and baked in anticipation of when we could break our fast!

    Every year, Ramadan serves as check on my behavior and reminds me of the virtues I wish to practice. This year Eid Al Fitr was on a Saturday and my entire family was able to celebrate it without the worries of. We woke up early and headed to mosque to pray. Going to mosque on Eid Al Fitr is always fun because everyone is happy and excited to be there. For many Muslims, Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr are an extremely spiritual time of year and also evoke a lot of fond childhood memories.

    Everyone dresses in bright colors, families donate to charity, and the elders gift money to the children. Praying among my family and friends is humbling and calming. When praying in a group, I feel as though I am one with my community. After prayer, we greeted all our family friends and wished them a happy Eid. My family then left mosque for brunch in Half Moon Bay. My uncle had found a quaint cafe in Half Moon Bay that served breakfast.

    The rustic building was a house that had been converted to a restaurant; my family and I ate our breakfast in what seemed to be the living room. After breakfast, we headed out for a walk, grabbed some iced coffees, and spent the rest of our time at the beach. While I always enjoy visiting my mosque and eating breakfast, I know that this past Eid Al Fitr was an exceptional day because I spent it with my family.

    The bonds I have with my parents, sister, cousins, aunts, and uncles are so strong that without them not only would the holidays and special occasions seem incomplete, I would feel incomplete. I now understand why family is so important in Iran and why my grandparents were so adamant that their family was not split up.

    I am grateful they voiced the importance of family to their children and I hope my cousins and I will continue to maintain this value through out our lives. Happiness, as hard as it to describe, is just a positive emotion. So, I went and spoke to psychologist Velma Barrios and asked her whether happiness depends on sadness. The assumption that one emotion derives from the other is based on the misconception that they are opposites.

    However, since they are not opposites, neither would be dependent on the other. Psychologist Martin Seligman believes that happiness is a combination of pleasure, engagement relationships and meaning. To say that happiness depends on sadness is a paradox. If we need one emotion to feel another, then where do we begin? Assuming, erroneously, that happiness does depend on sadness, then sadness would depend on happiness, and all other emotions would also depend on their near opposites. It is a cycle that, like any other cycle, repeats forever. Logically, happiness cannot derive from sadness, if, at the same time, that sadness derives from happiness.

    The fact of the matter is that if we could only attain happiness through sadness, we would not be able to experience any emotions. While happiness and sadness differ greatly and provide contrast to one another, they are not true opposites and therefore are not completely dependent on one another.

    Twin Flames & Soul Mate Compatibility Signatures in Astrology. With Krasi & Astrolada

    The state of happiness, or lack thereof, can exist with or without sadness. The emotions could not exist without each other. Without sadness, we would not know what happiness was because we would not have anything to compare it with. In order to value and appreciate happiness, a counterpart is needed. Happiness would be an average feeling if you could be happy without feeling sad.

    You would not be able to differentiate between the good and bad things that you experience. Happiness also allows you to appreciate the good things in your life, but only if you can compare them with the negative. It does not take a lot for this to happen. Big and small experiences can shape the way we appreciate things.

    Find soul-mate love the higest form of love, some named it twin flames love

    The bigger and more strenuous things we go through only increase our happiness. Each experience allows us to approach the next one in a better mindset and prevents us from repeating our mistakes. Where we live, some students are upset when they do not have the latest model of an iPhone. We would be able to better appreciate our happiness if we knew what it felt to not have anything.

    Since the depth of sadness differs around the globe, the amount of happiness also varies. At Menlo-Atherton, students agreed that unequal distribution in the world affects how intensely we can compare emotions. However as humans, the only way we can compare our emotions to understand their heights is by having the counterpart.